Véronique Morin is a science journalist with over 25 years experience who believes strongly that Science should have an important place in daily news.

    For the past eight years, she worked for the science magazine TV program « Le Code Chastenay » on the public network Tele-Quebec, while also writing freelance magazine articles, developing a documentary project and serving as project producer of the Kavli/WFSJ Symposia on the Future of Science journalism.


    She is a Webster-McConnell fellow, William Southam journalism fellowship 2013-2014, Massey College, University of Toronto.

    Her documentary (idea and research) “Time Bombs”, about Canadian soldiers who participated in atomic bomb tests, produced by La Ruelle, received the awards (among others) of « Best documentary” from the New York International Independent Film and Video festival, « Best Documentary » from the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, and Veronique was nominated for “Best research” at the Gémeaux awards 2008.

    Veronique Morin was president of the Canadian Science Writers’ Association (CSWA) from 2001-2005. She was the first president of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) from 2002-2004. She also serves as a judge on numerous awards recognizing excellence in journalism.



    World Federation of Science Journalists

    Project Director/ Kavli Symposium on the Future of Science journalism Sep 2014 – 2016


    Documentary project under development

    science journalist/writer/director Apr 2009 – Present

    developing a documentary series

    Le Code Chastenay on Tele-Quebec

    science journalist Aug 2007 – 2016

    find and pitch original stories, research, interviews, scriptwriting, narration, on camera presentation, etc..

    William Southam journalism fellowship

    Webster McConnell fellow Sep 2013 – May 2014


    Canadian Science Writers's association

    President May 2001 – Jun 2005



    journalist/writer/news anchor Oct 2001 – Feb 2004

    From Radio to RDI (All news). National network. position based in Montreal

    World Federation of Science Journalists

    President 2002 – 2004

    Develop a common vision for a global network of national associations of science journalists, promote excellence and independent science journalism through long term mentoring programs based on P2P, reach consensus amongst a large and diverse group of science journalists worldwide, and more.

    The Weather Network

    Director (Meteo Media/MTL) Jan 1999 – Jun 2001

    Develop a NEW concept for a weather program based on 3D technologies (La Totale), and weather news. Direct that show live. Develop, write and direct a series of short documentaires on Weather in History, on hurricanes, and more.


    journalist/Chase producer (HALIFAX) Jul 1995 – Nov 1999

    Find and research assigned (and)or original stories, write and edit tv scripts and research reports for other colleagues and hosts. Field reporting live.


    science journalist/scriptwriter Jul 1990 – Jun 1995

    Started as a freelance scriptwriter in 1990.
    In 1992 to 1995 science journalist for the current affairs program PANORAMA


    journalist/host (Toronto) Aug 1989 – Dec 1990

    Find, research, write and present original current affairs and news stories, as well as presenting current affairs programs and News.


    Look beyond what meets the eyes


    Université Laval

    Bachelor's degree Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs

    Describe your studies, involvements, and accomplishments at this school.









    Michel Pelletier

    Directeur des programmes, Explora

    Véronique s'est avérée une journaliste scientifique de talent et une excellente communicatrice à l'écran. C'est une passionnée.

    Hanns-J. (Hajo) Neubert

    President emeritus at European Union of Science Journalists' Associations EUSJA

    I am very happy to recommend Veronique. She was the first President of the World Federation of Science Journalists WFSJ in 2001 and 2002. She was exceptional successful in growing the association in order to make it really global and networking. Also, she has consideably shaped WFSJ, its goals and its networks all over the world. Running a world organisation successfully needs a lot of cultural sensitivity, openess and communicative skills, all of which Vernoique has shown outstandingly.

    Michelle Betz

    Project administrator at Media Foundation 360 and NearMedia LLC

    Veronique is a go-getter -- committed to getting results while always guided by her principles and ethics. She was, and continues to be, a fantastic colleague, eager to collaborate and an absolute joy to work with! I am happy to provide further information on request.

    Sarah Edmonds

    General Manager, Southeast Asia & Pacific, Reuters

    Veronique is a focused, intelligent and determined journalist with exceptional insight into complex scientific issues and the ability to convey this effectively to her audience. She brings insatiable curiosity, story-telling talent, huge analytical ability and tremendous poise to everything she does.

    Jeffrey Crelinsten

    Entrepreneur and Innovation Thought Leader

    As past-president of the Canadian Science Writers' Association I appreciated Veronique's abilities when she became President. Veronique is a go-getter whose balanced judgment and compassion make her a great leader. She's a professional with a heart.

    Lyse Lavictoire

    Independent Meeting & Event Planner

    I have had the distinct pleasure and honour to work with Véronique in the organization of the World Conference of Science Journalists (Montreal). I would not hesitate to work with her again, as I especially appreciated her vision and strategic planning. She is a real source of knowledge and an outstanding communicator.

    Wilson da Silva

    Science writer, editor and advisor

    Véronique really knows her stuff: she researches a topic deeply, writes eloquently (in English as well as her native French), and often delivers those crucial nuggets of insight and personality that help lift a story. She has a passion for good writing, accuracy, and real gift for telling stories in science in an engaging and human way.

    Peter Calamai

    Fellow at Institute for Science, Society and Policy

    The Canadian Science Writers' Association benefitted greatly from Veronique's considerable talents at managing detail and inspiring the best in colleagues during her four-plus years as President. She has an innate grasp of both strategy and tactics which came to the fore as the CSWA faced a series of governance challenges.


    Ingénieur de son chez BOOM AUDIO inc.

    Véronique est une journaliste acharnée et très professionnelle . Elle connait ses dossiers et sait mener une entrevue en prenant le temps d`écouter ce que son interlocuteur a à lui dire .Avec toute son expérience , je peux affirmer que Véronique est en ce moment au sommet de son art.


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